June 25th, 2016

Today is my second day of the hyper CVAD protocol I am receiving for my especially clingy cancer. My white blood cell count is up to 16,000 from 8,000 but given that I am tapering off steroids for this round of chemo, that’s not a surprise. The chemo doesn’t start to show results for a little while. Since last night, I’ve been receiving a low dose of Methotrexate (my first chemo drug), but today they bring out the big guns, which is a drug called cytarabine. Given my pre-med schooling I actually understand how this drug works which is pretty cool.

Some might think that the ensuing side effects (and there will be side effects) of chemo worry me, but when you’ve been told you have a resilient cancer that is trying to kill you, the more the merrier. Bring on the pain and nausea and mouth sores. I want to blast this thing with as much as my body can take if it means I’m more likely to achieve remission. The day they tell me I have a white blood cell count of 0.0 will all be worth it. Then, it’s a matter of getting a successful bone marrow transplant, which they’re getting very good at.

In short, dangerous chemicals are being funneled into my body. And they are very welcome here.

Until tomorrow,

Ethan Wissell

4 thoughts on “June 25th, 2016

  1. Ethan.
    Kavanagh family here! New York is behind you 100%. Sorry for all of this…lets us know how to help! All of us ready to be bone marrow donors when you are ready. Let’s us know how we can be tested when the time comes!!!!!


  2. Ethan
    Love hearing from you. Your posts are so informative and funny at the same time.
    It helps us all accompany you on your journey. Blast those fricken white blood cells
    If all well we
    see you tomorrow
    Arby’s ??
    The desantis clan

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  3. Stay strong Ethan! Love your posts! We are thinking about you and hope to visit with you and your mom and dad in the hospital! The Copes


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