Update – October 23…waiting for the Dolphins game.

I am writing this for Ethan as he is having some trouble with fine motor function with his hands, which as he has also lost feeling below his waist is frustrating for him.  For a while we were not sure if this unusual symptom was caused by the cancer or the treatment but increasingly it seems it may well be the cancer. Things have not gone well lately but we did have an informative Doctors meeting on Friday. Next week we return to methotrexate in the lumbar puncture cocktail in an attempt to clear his cerebral spinal fluid.  

From a Dad’s perspective I have never been so proud of my boy as the courage he has shown in he face of such as scarey situation is difficult for me to articulate. Wish him well. He is still fighting.. 

23 thoughts on “Update – October 23…waiting for the Dolphins game.

  1. Hello Ethan –
    Thank you for posting an update.
    You are a warrior! You continue to be a warrior!
    While you are still fighting, we are still praying and sending you healing vibes from Sudbury.
    Uncle Brian and Auntie Debbie.



  2. Hang in there, Ethan.

    Enjoy the game. Even though I am a Bills fan, I do have Tannehill on my fantasy team. Hope for a good game.

    Take care.



  3. Nothing but extraordinary strength, courage and intelligence in the face of adversity, Ethan your tenacity is inspiring, and humbling to everyone!

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  4. Ethan, you have such incredible strength. Stay strong we are praying for you everyday and sending positive healing energy your way!


  5. Bravery is not for the weak, being weak is not a lack of character, but someone brave, who has fought for so long.


    George & Liz


  6. Ethan, you are truly AMAZING! All of us at your dad’s office are praying with all our hearts. You are a shining example of brilliance, genuineness, courage and tenacity, way beyond your years.
    You fill us with awe and pride.. Keep fighting and stay strong…. we are rooting for you!


  7. Ethan, Thank you for thinking of those that are thinking of YOU. Cancer is about courage and fighting.💪🏽 And you have an abundance of both. Comfort and Love! Geoff, Joanne, Patrick, and Thomas


  8. Ethan we are all praying for you .You are an amazing strong and courageous young man . Keep up the fight.

    Mona Dennis Jake and your buddy Griff


  9. Dear Ethan,
    Happy Halloween! When you feel better and return to Texas we will take you bowling in Houston.
    Dr. Marli White (Wayne Kozun’s sister in law), Rowan Fraser and Hero Fraser


  10. Hey Ethan, I have known you since you were 12, as your guidance counsellor, swim coach and English teacher; I know you are tough and courageous and will win the fight. Hang in there. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    Ms Winston


  11. Ethan, You and your family are always in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. Your courage and strength are amazing. Keep fighting!


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