June 27th, 2016

I’m starting to feel crappy again. Not sure if it’s from starting the chemo or weaning off steroids or both at the same time, but I feel super tired and have aching pain. I received my last dose of cytarabine last night, so I’m pretty sure I’m done with my first B part of the hyper CVAD protocol. Next they start with part A, not sure when exactly. 

On the bright side, my blood sugar levels have been returning to normal as I wean off steroids. I still have to take long-acting insulin twice a day, but unless my sugars are high I don’t need any short-acting insulin at meals. My appetite has also dropped off a cliff. By this time of day a week ago I would have eaten maybe 4x the calories I’ve eaten so far today. I have a little bit more leeway with sugary foods now that my sugars are normalizing, and now I have no interest in them.

It’s gonna be a long week. But I’m ready for it.

Until tomorrow,

Ethan Wissell

5 thoughts on “June 27th, 2016

    1. Ethan – My name is Peter Haynes. I am friends with your father. I live in Leaside and my son Andrew is the same age as Spencer. I am following your blog with deep interest and am so impressed with your attitude and resilience in the face of a tough situation. The mind is an incredibly strong tool and you are using it to all your abilities. I pray for your health and cannot wait to see you walk out of PMH having beaten the shyt out of your cancer. All the best. Peter


  1. Hey Ethan, my name is Lucas, I’ve been friends with colin since his St. Andrew days. I’ve been witness to quite a few people with cancer, one of then being a close family friend who had one similar to yours, he won his fight just like I know you’ll kick the crap out of yours. Wishing you the best going forwards.
    P.s Hair is overated


    1. Hey Lucas,

      Stories like those make me hopeful. Thanks for the kind note. And you’re right, it’s nice not having to use shampoo. And I think I’m pulling off the bald look pretty well.


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