July 2nd, 2016

As it turned out, last night I fell asleep before I could determine if I had a good enough view to glimpse any fireworks. Oh well.

White blood cell count has continued to drop. It was at 3.2 yesterday, 2.6 today. Although it’s following a downward trend, the rate of change is getting smaller also, which I’m not excited about. I’m hoping that it continues to decrease but we’ll have to wait and see. My doctor said that she and the other doctors will conference next week about what to do next. 

The weather is a lot nicer than it was yesterday, sunny and warm. It sucks when the weather is bad because I can’t go up to the roof. They’ve got a deck up there with some tables and flower beds. It’s pretty much the only other place I go aside from my room and typically where I do all my walking so it’s great when the weathers nice. Good thing I didn’t get cancer during the winter.

Back and shoulder pain is getting better day by day but it’s still a nuisance. I don’t really notice it when I’m sitting in my bed but it still makes walking around a little more difficult.  Hopefully by my next post I won’t have to deal with it anymore.

Still fighting,

Ethan Wissell

6 thoughts on “July 2nd, 2016

  1. You are awesome Ethan! Stay strong. It is going to be a nice sunny summer so you will have a lot of opportunity to get to the roof top! Good to keep moving around! Keep your posts coming! The Cope’s

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  2. Hi Ethan I am your Mom’s cousin from Winnipeg and I have met you boys several times! I am so sorry you are having to deal with this, I have just started following your blog and can see what an amazing young man you are! Your posts are quite informative and it is so hard to imagine what you are going thru! Keep up the fight and you will be in my prayers 😘

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  3. Hey Ethan,

    Really glad that your white blood count has decreased greatly over the past couple of weeks. Must make you feel hopeful for the results in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed you hit that 0.0 very, very, very soon.

    I am continually impressed by your attitude and mentality throughout all of this. Glad that you are able to express everything that’s going on via this blog and that you can maintain a positive and humours narrative. I really enjoy reading all of your posts.

    Hoping to come visit you again during lunch.

    Until then, stay strong and positive.
    – Emma Smith


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