August 5th, 2016

Yesterday I had a meeting with a doctor who works in Dr. Schuh’s office. I thought I was going to get chemo, but as it turns out the nelarabine protocol only calls for three doses within the 21-day cycle. So the next chemo I get will be on August 18th. Dr. Schuh is away until the 8th but I will see him next Thursday. In the meantime, I have been scheduled for a lumbar puncture on Monday, the purpose of which being to ensure that none of the blast cells have crossed the blood-brain barrier into my cerebrospinal fluid. They will also give me a bit of chemo with the needle. 

Aside from the LP, I’ll just be going to the hospital for bloodwork so the doctors can monitor how I respond to the nelarabine. So far, things are looking good. Bloodwork from August 1st and 4th showed no blast cells in the blood. They will have to take a look at the bone marrow to determine if the nelarabine is really working, but that is for sure a good sign. 

Since we won’t need to get chemo for a couple weeks, my family is planning to head down to Marco Island next weekend as a quick getaway in between chemo cycles. It’ll be nice to do some fishing and beaching to take my mind off of things.

In terms of a bone marrow donor, the transplant team is working on double checking one donor’s cells to make sure they are a match. This donor seems to be willing and able so assuming a 10/10 match, which they are expecting, they will be able to go ahead with him/her. Then it comes down to getting into remission and getting a spot for a bone marrow transplant.

Still fighting,

Ethan Wissell

5 thoughts on “August 5th, 2016

  1. Hi Ethan –
    Thank you for the update.
    We hope that the LP went well today.
    Good to hear that you are all going to get away – it will be a nice distraction.
    One-Half-Day at a time, Warrior!
    Keep Fighting!
    Uncle Brian + Auntie Debbie + Max

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