September 12th, 2016

Currently receiving my first dose of the third cycle of nelarabine I will be getting. Since weve moved ahead with the transplant, we’ve decided to do more chemo to keep the leukemeia at bay. Dr. Shuh’s thinking is that chemo in the interim as we wait for a transplant is not necessarily a bad idea and might have an additional preventative effect, and I am on board. Thank you, Ontario taxpayers.

The Rexall OneWalk was over the weekend, and my mom fielded a team of 6 dedicated moms and they all walked 25 km and collectively raised 45,000 dollars for PMH. Thank you to everyone who gave, the day was a huge success!

The tentative date for admission for my transplant is October 8th. As long as the donor can cooperate (which it sounds like), Ill be getting chemo and also radiation leading up to the beginning of October. Then its a hospital stay of 3-4 weeks in isolation (visitors allowed at times).

Still fighting,

Ethan Wissell

4 thoughts on “September 12th, 2016

  1. Thanks for the update, Ethan.
    We hope you had a Happy Birthday!
    Wow, Your mom and her posse certainly had a very successful walk and an amazing fundraising success – simply amazing!

    I am hearing that the transplant will now be in Toronto as opposed to the USA.
    As one of Ontario’s taxpayers – you are MORE than Welcome!

    Look forward to hearing from you as your move closer to the timeline you set out.
    Uncle Brian, Auntie Debbie and MAX

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  2. The Kash family is thrilled to hear that you are moving forward towards the transplant. Your hospital schedule reminds me of our friend’s son when he was in isolation during radiation for thyroid cancer, or as he recalls it, “isolation at Dunder Mifflin” because he binge watched all 9 seasons of The Office! Not a bad plan….
    To your point re: taxpayers…Thank you Tommy Douglas!

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