Last post….

Today we said good bye. Humbling. Turn out of people was an incredible refection on Ethan’s impact and I believe our shared fear for cancer, especially in a young person.  Thank you to the entire St Cuthbert’s community for seeing our son on his way with such love and genuine remorse. People were kind to say the service was moving and I believe it was. Ian coordinated everything supported by a very special return by Beth who gave the homily.  We now move on as a family, in private. We will always miss Ethan, son and brother. Our family is for ever changed.

Muriel and Michael

One thought on “Last post….

  1. Thank you Michael and Muriel. Incredibly supportive words as we prepare for tomorrow’s Journey to Conquer Cancer. We particpate, sponsor and push for new funding that will eventually bring innovative research and new treatments to all that are affected by this terrible disease. With All our love and support, The Wilson Sarcoma Research fund.


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