July 21st, 2016

Thankfully, the Ontario government has approved the hospitals request for the nelarabine drug, however it came with a caveat. For some reason, the drug was only approved to be used for an outpatient protocol so yesterday I was discharged as an inpatient and became an outpatient. On the plus side, this means I can stay at home while I receive this chemo however it also means I’m not being monitored all the time and I won’t be able to ring for a nurse any time I like.

Today I met with Dr. Schuh (I figured out the correct spelling) to see what the deal is with this outpatient protocol. Apparently it is going to take longer than they thought before they can actually start treatment. In addition to the drug having to be shipped here, because PMH has never used the drug before they need to train a nurse to administer it. It sounded like there are a lot of beaurocratic hurdles that come with bringing a brand new drug into the hospital for a treatment protocol they’ve never done before. Hopefully by next week I can start chemo but we’ll have to wait and see. A doctor that works in the outpatient clinic will call on Monday so I will ask for more information then.

On the bone marrow transplant front, apparently they’ve found a couple of high quality matches in the general registry and have contacted them to see if they are available to donate. Hopefully one of them is still willing and able to lend some of their cells.

Still fighting,

Ethan Wissell

6 thoughts on “July 21st, 2016

  1. Good news on a lot of fronts. If you ever have a nursing question you know you can always ask. Love from Texas, Sharon and Randy.


  2. Happy Thursday, Ethan!
    Thanks for posting your update full of promising, albeit cautious, news.
    We were pleased to hear that you will be receiving this new Nelarabine drug and you will be underway with it soon.

    It was also good to hear about the two high-quality donor matches and we pray that they will have the courage to continue through in the donation process.

    Auntie Debbie, Auntie Linda and Mark were happy to see you and spend some time with you yesterday.

    We are all sporting our orange Leukemia bracelets; it is a constant reminder that we have a Warrior for a nephew, and cousin.

    Until next time #KeepFighting!

    Love from Sudbury!

    Uncle Brian, Auntie Debbie and MAX!

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  3. Thinking of you Ethan! So happy that the drug was approved! Praying for you everyday ❤️
    Love Christine, JR, Braydon and Colton ❤️ Xo

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