People are asking…

People are asking where to donate which we did not specify as we did not want to inconvenience anyone, especially after Muriel’s (and her friends/moms) very successful fund raiser walk for PMH in September.  However we are getting repeated requests to suggest something and so here is the link for  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) for those interested.

Muriel’s email: 

Even a few dollars in Ethan’s memory is a kindness and for those who find the time, thank you. 
Muriel and Michael

2 thoughts on “People are asking…

  1. Dearest Muriel,

    My heart aches for you and your profound loss. I’ve been praying and keeping you and ethan in my thoughts and prayers since Marianne told me of his cancer discovery in September. I am so so deeply sorry for you,, Michael, Colin and Spencer.
    I know there are no words a woman or mother can tell another that will lessen this unimaginable sorrow ….
    I send you and your beautiful family positive loving thoughts and prayers of healing. There is never a way for us to understand why some of us transition to live eternally and soulfully in the other world so soon …… I just know that the soul lives eternally and I hope you will feel his love and presence touch your daily life on earth until you meet again.
    I send you much love and prayers❤️️ Nadine Deif


  2. Muriel and Michael. What to say . We Just found out tonight about Ethan . We are profoundly saddened . We are so sorry. Love from Herb and Debora Cloutier on behalf of all the Cloutiers . R.I.P Ethan .


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