July 10th, 2016

I was able to get an overnight pass yesterday, which was nice. Went out for dinner and saw a movie in one of those VIP theatres. I find it easier to sleep all the way through the night when you don’t have any IV alarms going off or nurses waking you up to do vitals.

White blood cell count is going up slowly, it’s at 2.4 today. Tomorrow I’ll ask my doctor what the plan is from here. 

Some have asked how they can register to become stem cell donors. This website contains more information on that https://www.blood.ca/en/stem-cell/onematch-information-new-registrants. There are certain criteria though, including that donors must be between 17 and 35 years old. I appreciate those who choose to register to become donors, as there are a lot of other folks looking for a bone marrow match also. Since only 30% of people will have a full match sibling, stem cell donors play a crucial role in helping blood cancer patients. Hopefully one of them can help with my situation.

Still fighting,

Ethan Wissell

3 thoughts on “July 10th, 2016

  1. Ethan, I’m glad you got to spend the night at home. I hope you saw a great movie. 😀 Love as always from Texas, Sharon and Randy.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to update everyone, many (MANY) of Colin’s friends, their parents, are interested in updates on how you are doing… you probably have no idea how many people that you have never met are thinking about you. Your posts are always so informative and written with such clarity, and we are amazed that you have the time and energy to write them. We are sending much positive energy your way!


  3. Ethan,
    This is Morris Saffer, Skyler and Max’s dad.
    We didn’t know what you’ve been going through until Max saw a post on Spenser’s Facebook.
    Just got caught up on all your blogs. What a journey.You’re an awesome guy.
    As it happens my 18 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer,at PMH, 9 months ago so our family understands the brutal route you’re experiencing
    Glad to say she’s cancer free now and has resumed her normal life.
    So I’ve seen first hand how good your Doctors are and know you’ll come through this restored to full health
    We’ll drop in to see you soon.
    All our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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